Biden Administration Aims Ban at TikTok

Despite this aura of levity that the general population has of the app, this rise has always been closely eyed by U.S. lawmakers. The main issue for officials is the massive amount of data on the U.S. population that the app has stored, and whose hands this data might fall into.

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Is Thrift Shopping Unethical?

Along with the trending hobby of thrift shopping, social media savvy fashionistas popularized haul videos featuring the amount of clothing they find at such low prices – and many of those videos racking up millions of views. While this helps the environment by buying second hand and not falling into fast fashion, clothing resale can also negatively challenge those that are looking for clothing at a low price.

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ByteDance Competitor, Kuaishou Technology, Launches Forward in the Chinese Tech Industry

Kuaishou Technology, the owner of the Chinese social media and video sharing app of the same name, plans to file for an initial public offering on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange within the coming weeks, according to South China Morning Post (SCMP).

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Tiktok Throws Appeal of Thrift Shopping Into Spotlight

With the financial stress of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic still at the forefront of everyone’s mind and wallets, rising popularity in thrifting TikTok videos highlight the benefits of shopping secondhand.

With each swipe, TikTok has served as an entertaining way for users to watch time pass by in quarantine, becoming an outlet for users to show off their unique talents and interests with high hopes of “going viral.” Equipped with a tailored “For You” page concocted by TikTok’s algorithm; fashion lovers everywhere are finding their feeds flooded with trendy thrift shop finds at a fraction of retail prices.

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