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The Survival of Fast Fashion

Khloe Kardashian is the Judge for #SHEINX100Challenge (Photo courtesy of @khloekardashian on Instagram)

Anissa “Rachel” Serna
Business Fashion Writer

Various fast fashion companies, such as SHEIN and Fashion Nova, continue to thrive within the younger generations. People are advertising these brands all over social media, specifically famous people. Megan Thee Stallion for example, did a collaboration with Fashion Nova. Other social media influencers bulk buy from SHEIN and post videos about the outfits on social media outlets such as TikTok. Khloe Kardashian has started a collaboration with SHEIN as well. Despite the popularity and revenue, SHEIN has received negative comments on its social media of people trying to raise awareness about the not-so-secrets fast fashion has. These comments have been hidden and deleted by SHEIN to avoid any more controversy.

Despite having heard of the horror stories about how these companies have been known to use child labor and pollute the environment, fast fashion has yet to be “cancelled” permanently by social media. The more consumers interact with the posts and buy the product, the more factory workers have to work in dangerous conditions as well.

Another reason as to why fast fashion has not been cancelled by social media is because people simply do not care. Yes, there will people who bring awareness to what happens behind the scenes, but that would only last maybe a week. Some will only post about how horrible the work conditions are just because they see other people doing it, or they want to make it look like they care, a.k.a.: clout. In reality, fast fashion is affordable, accessible, and trendy. People are going to buy the product and look the other way merely because they can. Influencers on TikTok and Instagram have been in control of these ever changing fads, causing fast fashion companies to react quickly to meet the public demand.

SHEIN and other fast fashion companies have consistently been accused of stealing ideas from independent fashion creators and selling it on their websites for very cheap. It is difficult to take on big clothing lines like SHEIN when there is a huge following that still buys from them. It is even more difficult when going through a pandemic and feeling like there is no other choice but to shop fast fashion because it is affordable with money being tight. While there is the option of shopping at small businesses that do not heavily affect the environment or have poor conditions for employees, it is pricier for those that want to be participating in each fast fashion trend. Only time can tell how long companies like SHEIN will truly last through the age of cancels culture.


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