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Here you will find a summary of previous meetings, along with the meeting minutes, so that people who were unable to attend can see what happened in meetings in order to follow what DULCE is doing, and contribute ideas on the Contact Us tab.

DULCE Meeting 2/12/2021

DULCE Meeting 2/12/2021 Minutes: Discussion about the future of the DULCE Leadership Team, propositions included: Co-Presidents (one Graduate School student and one Undergraduate student) PR/social media, professional development, student initiative roles DULCE discussed hosting a public speaking over Zoom/Teams speaker series sometime in March/April which will invite guest speakers to highlight proper etiquette and common… Continue Reading »

DULCE Meeting 9/18/2020

Facilitator: Peter Eggerding DULCE Meeting 9/18/2020   Agenda: Introduction/Mission Statement from Peter and Dean Smith Pitch ideas for new initiatives and discuss our Student Led Orientation Q&A with student feedback on COVID-19 and Racial Justice on campus Discuss the structure and involvement this year Involve graduate students Meeting Notes: Introduction from Peter and Dean Smith… Continue Reading »

DULCE Meeting 3/20/20

Facilitator: Mark McGuire Meeting Minutes:  Amina Tokakova  DULCE Meeting 3/20/2020   Q&A on any subject matter, including in relation to DULCE projects, SGA candidacies, issues related to COVID-19 including advising, and other matters (20-25mins)  Doctor’s Ruby working on helping students to get internships remotely . Dean Smith is thinking about turning all the planned events… Continue Reading »

DULCE Meeting 9/20/19

DULCE Meeting Notetakers: Peter Eggerding & Daniela Marquera Sardon Facilitator: Mark McGuire Mark introduces everyone in attendance and gives the floor to Dean Smith for an introductory speech Dean Smith talks about the importance of activism and engagement in conversation throughout the Diplomacy School. The DULCE Leadership Team then introduce themselves and share their interests… Continue Reading »