Locking Down Your Uploaded Attachments

Even if you’re running a private blog, your file attachments aren’t as secure as you might like. Your or your users can innocently copy-and-paste a link to a PDF file into an e-mail … which gets passed around … then somebody puts it in a Twitter or Facebook post … and before you know it the file you wanted to keep just for your selected audience has been indexed by Google! . . . → Read More: Locking Down Your Uploaded Attachments

Making Your Blog Mobile-Ready


Everyone’s going mobile — are you ready? . . . → Read More: Making Your Blog Mobile-Ready

Learn More


“Video Tutorials” gives you access to a large library of professionally produced training videos on a range of WordPress topics. Just log in to your dashboard and look for it in the top-left section. . . . → Read More: Learn More

How-To Video Training

Video 1

We’ve gotten some instructional videos to help you get the most out of your WordPress site. Click through to read more about posts and pages, your media library, how to manage your widgets and menus, and your categories and tags. . . . → Read More: How-To Video Training

Featured Image Bug – Updated and Fixed


If you’re using the Arras theme, or another one that’s dependent on featured images, Drag and drop the image you want from your desktop into the “Featured Image” box in the right-hand column. You won’t be able to do it from within the Media popup screen until a future update.

WordPress for Android

This handy app lets you post and edit pages, moderate comments, work with categories and tags, and upload media straight from the camera. . . . → Read More: WordPress for Android

Compress Your Uploads for Faster Pages

Upload files that are too big, and readers will get frustrated and simply cancel the download. Or, they’ll get the file but it will be cumbersome to work with and hard to navigate through. Here are some tips to make your blog posts a little lighter on their feet. . . . → Read More: Compress Your Uploads for Faster Pages

How To Do Everything In WordPress

We like this new guide at Edudemic, which covers all of the basics and a lot of the more advanced things you’ll need to know to effectively run your WordPress blog. . . . → Read More: How To Do Everything In WordPress

Embedding Video?

If your blog has the WordPress Video Plugin activated, it’s easy. . . . → Read More: Embedding Video?

Upcoming Training

The TLT Center is offering it’s next training session for using this system on September 13th at 2pm. Join us in the CTC, located in Walsh Library, as we explore the exciting features of this new blogging platform and help you to get started using it. Please register to attend the class. If you are unable to attend, please review the Documentation section of this blog to get started and feel free to reach out to us to set up another time and date. . . . → Read More: Upcoming Training