Locking Down Your Uploaded Attachments

Even if you’re running a private blog, your file attachments aren’t as secure as you might like. Your or your users can innocently copy-and-paste a link to a PDF file into an e-mail … which gets passed around … then somebody puts it in a Twitter or Facebook post … and before you know it the file you wanted to keep just for your selected audience has been indexed by Google! . . . → Read More: Locking Down Your Uploaded Attachments

Making Your Blog Mobile-Ready


Everyone’s going mobile — are you ready? . . . → Read More: Making Your Blog Mobile-Ready

New Plugins for June


TablePress, Polldaddy Polls & Ratings, WP Twitter AutoPost and Microblog Poster. . . . → Read More: New Plugins for June

WordPress Tools For Digital Humanities


Both of these are very specialized tools, with more than a few quirks. Especially in Annotum, the learning curve is fairly steep and prone to trial-and-error. But they impose sensible workflow solutions and organize information in a way that a standard theme or plug-in does not. . . . → Read More: WordPress Tools For Digital Humanities

WordPress 3.8


You might have noticed already, but last week we upgraded to the latest version of our blogging platform. There are a few changes, most of them cosmetic.

. . . → Read More: WordPress 3.8

Updated: Twitter Hashtags In Your Sidebar


A new way you can use the Twitter Hashtag Feed Widget on your blog, and display a feed of hash-tag friendly results. . . . → Read More: Updated: Twitter Hashtags In Your Sidebar

Custom CSS

My Custom CSS

Today we’re introducing a new plugin you can use to add custom CSS code to your blog. It’s called “My Custom CSS,” and you should already see it under the Appearance menu on your dashboard. . . . → Read More: Custom CSS

Events Made Easy

If your blog needs to run a calendar of events, we offer the Events Made Easy plugin. Just activate it from your dashboard and you can get started quickly. But it offers a lot more. Here’s a blog post with lots of examples and how-tos.

Sidebar Login Is Back!


The latest update of the Sidebar Widget works nicely with our systems. If you want an easy way to log in from your blog’s home screen, just follow this simple recipe. . . . → Read More: Sidebar Login Is Back!

Site Categories

A new plugin, “Site Categories,” will let us build nicely organized lists of sites by their topic. We’ve already set up a few basic categories, and next time you go in to make an update to your site, you can help. . . . → Read More: Site Categories


Introducing a new plugin, Appointments+.

What’s it for? Suppose you’re managing a group of students available to work on specific projects in specific time slots. You can build a calendar, and assign tasks and people to times. Confirmation and reminder e-mails happen automatically, and you can even pipe it into a Google calendar.

Share Your Posts

Here are some plugins we offer to make sharing via social media sites easier.

. . . → Read More: Share Your Posts

New Plugins for Site Managers


Here’s few new items to make your site management time a little easier.

. . . → Read More: New Plugins for Site Managers

New Plug-in: Broken Link Checker

Do you have a lot of external links on your site, but you don’t have the time to review them all to make sure they haven’t broken? Activate the Broken Link Checker plugin. . . . → Read More: New Plug-in: Broken Link Checker