Jamaica to Remove Queen Elizabeth II as Head of State

As Jamaica approaches its 60th anniversary of the end of British rule, it has also begun the process of removing Queen Elizabeth II as it head of state and transitioning into a republic, reports The Independent. Jamaica is one of 14 countries outside the United Kingdom that is classified as a Commonwealth, meaning that Queen Elizabeth II is still head of state, according to Time. A new head of state has already been selected from within the Jamaican government, with the overarching goal being a transition from Commonwealth to Republic.

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February 2022Opinion2022Europe

“Partygate” Covers Up Deeper Problems Within UK Media

In November of 2021, a series of rumors about social gatherings at Downing Street, the home and office of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, set off a spiraling crisis that put his career in jeopardy. According to Foreign Policy, Johnson’s residence hosted over a dozen gatherings with more than 100 staff. At the same time, COVID-19 restrictions kept working class Britons from “mixing, visiting elderly relatives, or attending the funerals of loved ones.”

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson May Lose Job Over “Partygate” Scandal

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s political career may be in danger as allegations swirl that he attended a 50-person Christmas party at 10 Downing Street while the rest of England was under lockdown. According to BBC News, Johnson also hosted a “bring your own booze” event with around 100 invitees in May of 2020. The revelations have sparked speculation Johnson may have to step down, and that a Conservative party election will determine a new party leader and prime minister.

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October 2021International NewsEurope

British MP Sir David Amess Killed in Stabbing Attack

For the second time in just five years, a British politician has died after an attack while meeting with constituents. The New York Times reports that on October 15, longstanding conservative Member of Parliament (MP) Sir David Amess was fatally stabbed inside of a church during a constituency surgery in Essex. The incident, quickly declared a terrorist attack, has sent shockwaves throughout the UK, raising concerns about the security of lawmakers in an increasingly tense political climate. 

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