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November 20232023International NewsEurope

Prime Minister Causes Protests in Spain Over Catalonian Separatists

Upward of 80,000 residents of Spain voiced their dissent against the Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez’s announcement granting amnesty to Catalonian separatists in order to garner political influence over the Catalonian parliamentary members.

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Study Abroad2023

An American in Spain’s Reflections on the EU

My obsession with the EU was a large part of the reason why I decided to major in International Relations. The intricacies of how a group of states could unite in a way that sacrifices so much individual sovereignty, despite the devastating damage they inflicted upon one another less than 50 years prior to the bloc’s founding and had throughout so much of the continent’s history, was something I could not wrap my head around.

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2021April 2021FocusSeparatist MovementsAfrica

FOCUS on Separatist Movements: Western Sahara

Following its establishment in 1945, the United Nations adopted a central commitment to the right to self-determination and decolonization of all non-self-governing territories. General Assembly resolution 1514 (XV), adopted in 1960, called for the “respect for the principles of equal rights and self-determination of all peoples” and declared that “all people have the right to self-determination by virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.” It is on this basis that Western Saharans continue to push for their right to self-determination and independence from Morocco. 

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2021April 2021FocusSeparatist MovementsEurope

FOCUS on Separatist Movements: Catalonia 

The Spanish autonomous region of Catalonia is one with its own rich and distinct culture, customs, and language developed over thousands of years. Catalonian separatist movements have strengthened their presence and reignited the debate of whether there should be an autonomous Catalan state. 

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October 2020International News2020Europe

Spain Declares State of Emergency Over COVID Spike

In response to a resurgence of COVID-19 cases, the Spanish government has declared a national state of emergency. As of October 30, the total number of cases in Spain reached 1,264,517 with 35,878 deaths reported. Among the new measures instituted to prevent another near-collapse of the country’s hospital capacity is an overnight curfew that will be in place for the next six months, reports the Associated Press.

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November 20172017International NewsEurope

Catalonia: Autonomy at Risk as Madrid Threatens Direct Rule

Spain has officially dissolved Catalonia’s regional government and will be hosting new elections on December 21. Catalonia, however, with main contributors to its economy leaving the region, along with lack of EU and international support, faces major obstacles as leaders try to establish their newly declared independence.

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