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Cuba Facing Cash and Food Shortages

When Americans talk about Cuba, a complex and perhaps dated narrative unfolds. People may think of communism, echoes of the Cold War, and the enduring impacts of widespread embargoes, which are all representative of the geopolitical and ideological differences between Cuba and the United States in the 1950s. However, since the thawing of the Cold War in the late eighties, Cuba has undergone a path marked by development juxtaposed by persistent stalls in progress in various spheres.

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Starbucks Boycott Raises Questions of Ethical Investing Practices

Starbucks has recently faced backlash due to its perceived stance and position on pressing social issues tied to the Israel-Gaza conflict. Protests at Starbucks locations can be traced back to the company’s lawsuit against Starbucks Workers United which seemingly began in opposition to the union’s public demonstration of solidarity with Palestine.

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