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October 2022International News

Lebanon and Israel Negotiate U.S.-Brokered Maritime Deal

Both Lebanon and Israel were on track to accept the terms of a U.S.-brokered maritime deal, until a new development on Thursday, October 6 when Israel rejected some amendments proposed by Lebanon. Al Jazeera reports that Lebanon made specific amendments to the terms of the deal to avoid any “misunderstandings.”

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2021November 2021International News

Arab League Representatives Hopeful About Lebanese Peace Negotiations

General Hossam Zaki, secretary of the Arab League, arrived in Beirut on November 8 to hold talks with the Lebanese government. Al Jazeera reports that the talks were meant to resolve the current rift between the Saudi Arabian government and Lebanese Information Minister George Kordahi. Kordahi previously criticized Saudi Arabia’s actions in Yemen against Houthi rebels in a pre-recorded interview released on October 26. Al Jazeera continues that Kordahi sympathized with the Houthi rebels, an Iran-backed group fighting in Yemen and Saudi Arabia, claiming that they were “defending themselves… against an external aggression.”

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International NewsMiddle East

Lebanese Minister Criticizes Yemen War, Sparking Diplomatic Spat with Gulf Nations

Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries have announced the removal of Lebanese envoys, following statements made by the Lebanese Minister about the Saudi-led intervention in Yemen. The Gulf nations have also enacted a blanket ban on all imports from Lebanon, according to BBC News.

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Campus SpotlightNovember 20202020School of Diplomacy News

Center for Peace and Conflict Studies Speaker Series: “Peacemaking in Lebanon” with Mr. Assaad Chaftari

On Monday, November 2, The Center for Peace and Conflict Studies at Seton Hall University’s School of Diplomacy and International Relations presented “Peacemaking in Lebanon” with Mr. Assaad Chaftari, as a part of its speaker series.

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September 2020International News2020Middle East

Fire Breaks Out Once Again as Lebanon Deals with the Aftermath of the Beirut Explosions

After the one-month anniversary of the August 4 Beirut explosions that took place in the port of Lebanon’s capital, dark skies blanketed the city once again with two new fires that erupted within the past week. The former erupted on Tuesday, September 8 and the latter blazed through the port just two days after. The fire has since been contained and no new injuries have been reported. According to NPR, the Lebanese army declared that the latter blaze occurred in a warehouse that housed oils and tires in the port’s duty-free area.

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September 2020International News2020Middle East

Lebanon Appoints New Prime Minister in the Wake of Beirut Explosion

The Lebanese government introduced its new Prime Minister on August 31, an expected move from a government under intense criticism. Mustapha Adib, a former Ambassador to Germany, assumed the role after securing support from the Lebanese parliament and accepting the president’s appointment, according to the . His tenure will not start on an easy note however, as the new Prime Minister will be tasked with confronting a multitude of crises facing the state while battling extreme skepticism from his own citizens.

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December 20152015Opinion

Why Paris Attacks Mean More Than Other Recent Events

Following the attacks, France had an immediate military response, which harkens to its power as a European country, a member of the EU and NATO, and holder of secure ties with the United States, the world’s most powerful military force. All of these attributes play out in a cold-war revision era where Russia is once again becoming a dominating and conflicting player in the Middle East. This cannot also be said for Iraq or Lebanon.

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