The Diplomatic Envoy

Kim Jong Un

September 2021International NewsAsia

DPRK Missile Test Inflames Tensions on the Korean Peninsula

On September 15, North Korea successfully launched ballistic missiles off their east coast. In doing so, they violated various United Nations resolutions. According to Al Jazeera, the missiles traveled for over two hours before they reached their target 930 miles away. During their journey, the missiles demonstrated agility by circling around into different paths.

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October 2020International NewsAsia2020

High Profile North Korean Official Defects to South

In November 2018, senior diplomat Jo Song-gil of North Korea disappeared from his post as acting ambassador to Italy with his wife without notice. AP News reports that his location had remained unclear until now. The two left just before Jo’s term as acting ambassador ended, and are now reportedly living in South Korea, states  Al Jazeera.

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September 2020FocusDomestic Government Surveillance2020

Focus on Domestic Government Surveillance: North Korea

North Korea is one of, if not the most, surveillance-heavy countries on the planet. The Asian country is infamous for its strict government, tyrannical dictators, and repressive policies. Many have suffered at the hands of harsh rulers who continue to impose strict censorship and surveillance. It is virtually impossible to fully understand North Korean life as an outsider.

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