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March 2023School of Diplomacy News

Italian Embassy Hosts Webinar on Cultural Diplomacy

The speakers discussed different viewpoints such as the scholarly, theoretical, and practical sides of diplomacy and the private sector. The presentation touched on the potential, risks, and challenges of using the metaverse for storytelling in cultural diplomacy. The metaverse was defined as a network of three-dimensional virtual worlds where users can experience different activities through their digital egos or avatars.

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October 2022MediterraneanInternational News

Elections in Italy Divide as Right-Wing Candidate Raises Suspicions

During the Italian election on September 25, a far-right coalition of parties, including the Brothers of Italy party, Forza Italia, and the League, secured the majority of the country’s parliamentary seats, almost guaranteeing Giorgia Meloni the position of Italian Prime Minister.

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February 20222022International NewsEurope

80-Year-Old Italian President Elected to Second Term

Leading up to Italy’s presidential election, President Sergio Mattarella had plans that did not involve serving a second term. The 80-year-old president made this known, posting images of a packed-up presidential palace and making sure to be spotted on house hunting excursions. But after a week of struggles in Parliament to elect his replacement, Mattarella was asked to stay and accepted.

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WorldApril 2019Europe

Italian Deputy PM Attempts Unification of European Alt-Right

Shortly after political leaders in Europe met in Milan to pursuing forming an alliance of alternative right wing parties, Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini has expressed the hope that the newly united populist movement will become biggest party in the next European Parliament.

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