Author: Ashley Skladany

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Girl Math: Redefining Spending Habits

Living in a digital age means that social media platforms continue to play an integral role in shaping societal norms and behaviors. Among the myriad of trends that have emerged, the concept of “Girl Math” has gained traction, particularly among millennials and Gen Z. Though its name may seem unserious at first glance, this phenomenon offers insights into the complex relationship social media influences towards people’s approach to personal finance. 

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2024Student Internship SpotlightMarch 2024School of Diplomacy News

Internship Spotlight: Working in the Archives

Nestled within the halls of Seton Hall University’s Walsh Library is a treasure trove of historical artifacts and documents that speak volumes about the institution’s rich legacy. As an undergraduate student intern at the Monsignor William Noé Field Archives & Special Collections Center, I’ve had the privilege of engaging with this repository of memories, unraveling narratives from previous eras, and engaging in the meticulous craft of preserving history.

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March 2023School of Diplomacy News

Italian Embassy Hosts Webinar on Cultural Diplomacy

The speakers discussed different viewpoints such as the scholarly, theoretical, and practical sides of diplomacy and the private sector. The presentation touched on the potential, risks, and challenges of using the metaverse for storytelling in cultural diplomacy. The metaverse was defined as a network of three-dimensional virtual worlds where users can experience different activities through their digital egos or avatars.

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September 2022International NewsEurope

Conservatives Win Swedish Elections for First Time in Eight Years

On September 11, Sweden’s right-wing party won the general election after a tight race against the center-left. As of September 15, conservatives have won 176 of 349 seats in parliament, reports The New York Times. Though the Swedish Social Democratic Party obtained the largest percentage of votes, they only were able to grab 173 seats in parliament, marking an end to Sweden’s historic left-leaning control of the government.

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