War and Legality: Understanding the Israel-Iran Confrontation Through International Law and Legislation

On April 1 an Israeli airstrike hit an Iranian consulate in Damascus, Syria, killing seven. Iran responded to this attack on Saturday by launching over 300 drones, ballistic missiles, and cruise missiles into Israeli territory, yet according to the Israeli Defense Force(IDF), none of the 170 drones, and only five ballistic missiles, made it through Israeli and US air defense to hit Israeli territory.

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October 20232023

Spotlight on the Israel-Hamas War: Economic Effects

On October 18, state-organized protests in support of Palestine took place across Iran, demonstrating the potential for Iran to assume a greater role in the ongoing conflict as reported by Reuters.  According to The Guardian, the likelihood of Iran assuming an active role appears to be low, however, if Iran were to become involved, it would carry substantial implications for both the economy and oil prices. 

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