September 2023International News

Guatemalan Political Tension Continues After Presidential Election

This suspension order, which was issued just before Arévalo’s party was declared victorious, triggered considerable confusion immediately following the election and raised doubts about his victory. This decision effectively reinstated the legal status of Arévalo’s party, momentarily thwarting the efforts of opposing political factions to undermine his victory.

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The Immigration Crisis Isn’t Ideological, It’s Situational

The U.S.-Mexico border is notorious for frequent, numerous arrests, smuggling incidents, deportations, and overall mayhem, caused by an uncontrolled influx of migrants attempting to gain entrance into the United States. An overwhelming majority of people stranded at the border trying to enter the U.S. illegally are from Central America, most notably the Northern Triangle, comprising Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua.

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Anti-Abortion, Anti-Homosexual Legislation Blocked in Guatemala

On March 15, Guatemala’s Congress reversed the decision to pass the controversial “Protection of Life and Family” law (Law 5272), which aimed to strengthen penalties for abortion, prohibit same-sex marriage, and ban discussions of sexual diversity in schools, according to The Washington Post. The decision to indefinitely table the bill came just a week after it first passed with an overwhelming majority of 101-8, with 51 legislators absent.

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Guatemala Arrests Ousted President

Perez Molina accused the U.S. for orchestrating a “soft coup” against not only his government, but also those of neighboring El Salvador and Honduras. While Perez Molina awaits trial, the Guatemalan people must now focus their attention on electing a new president. The first round of elections took place on September 6, yet none of the candidates garnered enough votes to meet the 50 percent threshold.

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