April 2022Opinion2022

Labor Activists Must Leverage their Bargaining Power

With the socio-economic conditions created by COVID-19 both exposing and worsening a myriad of systemic issues throughout the world, the last thing global labor rights activists expected was to gain more bargaining power. However, CBNC emphasizes that the pandemic has resulted in a massive labor shortage in almost every country, putting power back in the hands of the working class.

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2021February 2021OpinionAmericas

COVID-19 Relief Packages Must Invest in Digital Infrastructure and a Green Economy

As the United States nears its one-year anniversary with the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, many Americans are struggling with rent payments, home mortgages, and even putting food on the table. As Congress continues negotiating a third stimulus package and vaccine rollouts continue across the country, many anxious Americans wonder if the bill should include further provisions like building up our digital infrastructure or investing in a Green Economy.

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September 2020Opinion2020

Where Has Free Trade Gone? 

Tariffs have led to devastating results throughout history. Alexander Hamilton’s tariffs attempted to protect fledgling American businesses from British competition, resulting in higher domestic prices, inefficient business models, and finally the War of 1812. Another example is the 1930 Smoot-Hawley Tariff; duties on all goods were raised to a whopping 60 percent. According to PRI, it just so happens that the highest tariff in history was implemented on the eve of the Great Depression. They simply cause economic pain. 

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