2023November 2023WorldAmericas

Argentina’s New Libertarian President

Many detractors say his policies towards the central bank and dollarization could take time if carried out since it will require approval from Argentina’s congress and possibly even changing the country’s constitution. Although Milei won a victory in Argentina’s recent presidential election, his political party affiliation, La Libertad Avanza party, is not even the third largest political force in Congress, which could mean difficult negotiations when proposing to implement his policies, BBC reports.

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2023October 2023

Argentinean president election heads to runoff

Argentina’s general election, held on October 22, will head to a runoff after no candidate achieved the required 45 percent of the vote to win, according to The New York Times. Financial Times reports that the election sought to select a new president and vice president, who will both take office on Dec. 10, as well as 130 lower house representatives and 24 senators. 

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