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Diplomacy Senators: Letter to Constituents

To our fellow Diplos:

As your senators in SGA, we wanted to write a short message to all those that we represent. If you do not know us already, our names are Jacob Abel and Efrain Vallejo. We would like to thank the Diplomatic Envoy for including this letter in their publication.

We first want to make every Diplomacy student aware that we are here to assist you in any way we can, whether by helping you start a new club, or bringing up an issue that you see on campus to the attention of SGA. Our emails are and Please feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions that you might have.

Before we decided to run last year, there were complaints that the Diplomacy senators of years past were inaccessible and difficult to get in touch with. We have worked hard to change this through attending monthly DUCLE meetings, in addition to other various Diplo club meetings. Overall, SGA has worked hard this year to become more accessible as an organization. We want to be held to a high standard as an organization, and we want our constituents to hold us and all future Diplomacy senators to the same standard.

In the future, you should expect your senators to attend club and DULCE meetings so that they can better understand which issues their constituents are passionate about. You should also expect your senators to have a good relationship with the deans of the School of Diplomacy, as this benefits everyone.

We wanted to end by thanking you once again for electing us to our positions; it continues to be a great honor to serve our fellow Diplos.


Efrain Vallejo and Jacob Abel

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