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Here’s What Happened When Diplos Took the Blank Map Challenge

During Thursday’s Involvement Fair, the Envoy editors asked our fellow Diplomacy majors to take a stab at identifying countries on the maps of Western Europe, Central America, and South America. We picked those three regions because they were relatively easy — or so we thought.

Here’s what we got:

Someone knows South America like the back of their hand.

S America 1

Ok, fine. You got the first, second, and sixth largest economies right.

S America 2

This person’s pen may have run out of ink.

S America 3

If you don’t know where the Olympics just happened, are you even a Diplo?

Maybe we’ll do better with Central America.

C America

That awkward moment when you not only forget Belize and El Salvador, but also mistake Nicaragua for Honduras.

Here’s hoping we at least know where things are in Europe.

Europe 1

Alright, looking good, looking good.

Europe 2

BLESS YOU for knowing the Balkans (and including Kosovo)!

This is passable…

Europe 3

…until you realize that Russia invaded Eastern Ukraine, not “Hungry.”

And finally, this is the first we’ve heard of a country called “Cypress.”

Europe 4

You don’t know where the home of Ikea and H&M is supposed to be? For shame.

BOTTOMLINE: It’s a good thing we didn’t bring out the big guns (like Asia, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and the 54-state behemoth that is Africa), but this tells us that an international relations curriculum should probably require basic geography, amirite?

Francesca Regalado

FRANCESCA REGALADO is a senior pursuing a double degree in Diplomacy and Modern Languages, with minors in Economics and Asian Studies. She was the Publications intern at the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Foreign/National desk intern at the New York Times. Contact Francesca at

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