Author: Miguel Mendez Perulles

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Faculty Spotlight: John Shannon

At a first glance, law and technology might not have much in common, but because Prof. John Shannon knows how to tie the two subjects together excellently, we as students can see just how intertwined they are. I sat down with him recently to inquire about how he has such an accurate long-term outlook on society, and how he expresses it so eloquently and with such a high degree of certainty.

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Sitting Down With Gabino Roche ’98, Founder of Saphyre

We in Stillman News recently had the opportunity to interview Gabino Roche, Seton Hall Class of 1998 and founder of Saphyre, a fintech startup revolutionizing the financial services industry by digitizing and speeding the pre-trading space, while providing trading and post-trade benefits for financial institutions at the same time. We are very grateful to Mr. Roche for his time, and for sharing his experiences with us.

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