Derivatives and Risk Management

Mozumder started her career on Wall Street at Citi Group before moving to TriOptima, focusing on derivatives and risk management (Image courtesy of Mozumder’s LinkedIn)

By Miguel Mendez Perulles
Money and Investing Writer

Lona Mozumder is the Head of Sales at TriOptima and Vice President of Women in Derivatives, working to create a legacy of women in business and financial prudence.

Mozumder works to provide women opportunities to excel in the derivatives and finance industry, while also specializing in risk mitigation for banks. According to Mozumder, one of the largest problems of the 2008 financial crisis was the extensive use of leverage.

She said, “It became really important to have smaller balance sheets and less interconnectedness.” The new approach of risk mitigation in fintech works to deleverage portfolios by eliminating redundant contracts in the OTC derivatives market.

Deleveraging leads to higher liquidity among the contract holders, lowers systemic risk, and makes it easier for investment firms to comply with regulations. By reducing and simplifying the balance sheets of their clients, TriOptima aims to help all market participants.

Mozumder is also the Vice President of Women in Derivatives, a nonprofit organization focusing on educating women in the derivatives industry. The organization hosts free panel discussions worldwide, and panelists are thought leaders in finance.

Women in Derivatives, through Mozumder’s work, prioritizes thoughtful content and open discussion in their conferences.

The most recent webinar featured Dawn Stump and Hester Peirce, commissioners of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and Securities and Exchange Commission respectively.

“The best way to engage, grow, and develop yourself is by talking to an expert in the field,” she said.

Working with derivatives and in risk management exposes Mozumder to important decisions that she tries to make through the lens of data. She extends that lens to possible employees and employers as well.


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