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Women in Business DEI Event

Daibelis Acevedo
Stillman News Editor

DEI Event flyer (Photo courtesy of WIB Club)

On December 1st, 2021 SHU Women In Business Club held their first annual DEI event, Diverse Language In The Workplace with Elizabeth Halpin and Lori Leavelle Brown.

Dean Elizabeth and Lori discussed a few very important topics with the attendees of the event. The topics had ranged from gender differences, discrimination, and even micro-aggressions. One of the most important goals of this event was for the hosts to give a unique perspective on handling issues that may arise in the workplace, regarding the mentioned topics. These major issues that were discussed are extremely prevalent in society today as well as in our day-to-day lives, this event was a great tool for students to be able to become more aware and knowledgeable.

Dean Halpin’s presentation opened the floor for a great conversation and provided a space for the attendees to share and brainstorm ideas on how to handle issues in the workplace. Finding peace at your workplace is an idea that is sometimes not spoken about enough, and this event gave me the opportunity to have that conversation.

President of the Women In Business club, Belen Gamarra said, “our speakers created a comfortable space we were all able to talk about our personal and sometimes uncomfortable experiences surrounding microaggressions and discrimination. I loved how we learned what’s the best way to deal with these things when they happen, the different methods to use our language to amplify or empower voices when we see something happening to others, and learning about the different policies that seton hall has built into avoiding discrimination as well.”

At the event, students and faculty who attended were able to realize the neglected ideas of workplace

DEI meaning (Photo courtesy of prox.io)

behaviors. It is important to create a safe environment for all employees to feel included, accepted and noticed in the workplace. This is an essential aspect of a company’s culture. Ms. Brown highlighted the importance of intersectionality of identities and how projecting this in the workplace can become difficult. The engaged attendees were able to give suggestions and recommendations on the best way to deal with these situations.

Not only was this event of great use for the students who attended, but it was also a space for everyone and anyone to join in and share their experiences in a safe space. Women In Business will continue to host events like this so definitely be on the lookout for their next one!


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