Remote Instruction for Struggling Writers

Dr. Anthony Koutsoftas, director of the Reading, Oral Language, and Writing Lab (ROW-Lab) at Seton Hall University is conducting a study on how to improve writing skills in elementary school students who struggle with writing. The study will take place entirely through remote video-conferencing platforms meaning that you can participate from the comfort of your own home. Participating families will be able to select the days and times for participation in the study that fits their schedule. The study will be provided by graduate students in Speech-Language Pathology with special training in supporting written language outcomes for schoolchildren.

Elementary school students in grades K through 8 who are struggling with writing are welcome to participate in this study. Struggling writers are children whose teacher has indicated that the child struggles with one or more areas of writing. The study will take approximately 8 weeks and require that the student login to remote sessions once or twice per week. Parents/caregivers will be required to complete short surveys and support their child to login to sessions.

If you are interested in enrolling your Elementary school child into the study, or have questions about the study, please contact Dr. Anthony Koutsoftas at 973-275-2865 or

Title of Research Study: Remote Instruction for Struggling Writers
Principal Investigator: Anthony D. Koutsoftas, PhD, CCC-SLP, Associate Professor
Department Affiliation: Speech Language Pathology
Sponsor: This research is supported by the Reading, Oral Language, and Writing Lab (ROW-Lab) in the Department of Speech-Language Pathology at Seton Hall University