Speech and Language HW Videos

The ROW-Lab is happy to share the following which includes links to three videos designed to support parents and caregivers complete speech and language HW. These videos alone will not support home practice but can be included with additional instructions from SLPs to families. The goal of these videos is to provide a model that parents can follow, SLPs should provide stimuli specific to each child.

Reach out to Dr. K with any feedback or suggestions for more videos and topics.


The topics include:

– Reading with your Child

– Speech Articulation

– Phonemic Awareness and Spelling

7 tips for teaching an online course…

In light of the major shift for educators at all levels (K-12 through college and beyond), many of us have had to shift our teaching to an online platform. This shift in platform comes with a shift in our thinking of the delivery of instruction, and whether we like it or not we have to rethink how we teach our students. The video link below provides 7 tips for creating an online course and is geared towards individuals in higher education. However, these tips can be considered by all educators as we re-think the delivery of instruction. You need something to do, and your students need you to ensure continuity in learning.