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Herman Melville

Biography Herman Melville (1819-1891) is an American author who wrote novels, short stories, and poems. He grew up in New York state. His family struggled with poverty after the death of this father in 1832 after having already struggled with the failure of the family import business two years earlier. Melville ended up spending much …

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Trinity Church

Trinity Church is one of the most popular landmarks in New York City, and currently stands on Manhattan’s Wall Street. According to a New York Times article entitled, “The Church With the $6 Billion Portfolio” written by Jane Margolies, Trinity Church was created when “King William III” issued a “charter […] in 1697” (Margolies). The …

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O. Henry: Criminal Writer in the Big City

William Sydney Porter, better known by his pen name O. Henry, was born in 1862 in Greensboro, North Carolina. Growing up he liked to read authors such as Charles Dickens and Sir Walter Scott. Porter worked various jobs such as a clerk, bookkeeper, assistant draftsman, bank teller, and even cartoonist as a side job, along …

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