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The following are a collection of images associated with New York City literature.

Women in the Workplace

Fanny Fern, the first woman newspaper columnist, wrote articles discussing women’s rights. In “Tyrants Of The Shop”, she shows her sympathy towards working class women. During the nineteenth century, women were usually employed in clothing stores to serve as a seamstress.

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Staten Island

Staten Island is sometimes referred to as “New York’s forgotten borough”. The above picture shows Staten Island during the mid-1800’s. Henry David Thoreau arrived in Staten Island in 1843. During his time there he realized that Staten Island is a rural community filled with quiet areas and farming. In “Letters From Staten Island”, his experience …

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West End Avenue

    Author Christopher Morley describes West End Avenue as a very average, residential, street in his work “West End Avenue.” He explains, “For thirty-five blocks it probably has the most uniform skyline of any avenue in New York” (585).

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