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The following are a collection of images associated with New York City literature.

Opium Den NYC

  Pictured here is an opium den in 1900. In reality, opium smoking and opium dens were not lavish intellectual circles- many times they were dirty and crowded. Stephen Crane describes the appeal of opium in his work “Opium’s Varied Dreams.” Opium addiction became a reprieve from the aggression of New York. Stephen Crane illustrates …

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Roof Top Garden 1900

Rooftop theatre in 1900. Djuna Barnes writes “Come Into the Roof Garden Maude” describing the beautiful and lavish rooftop gardens as an escape to the business of urban life: “Everything on, in and about a roof garden, from the little white and green match-stands to the wide spanning arches of red light, is an appeal. …

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Blizzard of 1988

In 1988, a massive blizzard overtook NYC. Unprepared for the storm, many people froze to death, died of starvation, and were caught up in fires. Jose Marti describes the effects and aftermaths of this great storm in his work, “New York Under the Snow.”

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Olmsted’s Central Park Plan

The image above is Frederick Law Olmsted’s original design for Central Park. As Olmsted writes in his “Passages in the Life of an Unpractical Man,” “properly planned and managed public recreation grounds would have a most civilizing and refining influence on the people” (241). Parks became a tranquil escape for the fast paced lifestyle of …

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