Author: George Rodriguez

The Bowling Green

In 1733 Bowling Green was officially designated as a park by the City of New York. Its history goes back far longer though, as it is the oldest park in the City. The park’s patrons have varied greatly over the years, from the Native Americans, to the Dutch, to the British colonists. The park has …

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St. Paul’s Chapel

Amidst the sky scrapers and business buildings that dominate lower Manhattan stands a small relic that goes back to 1766. The little chapel is known as St. Paul’s, and it has seen American history grow all around it. The chapel began as an extension of Trinity Church, where parishioners could have easier access to religious …

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Fraunces Tavern

In lower Manhattan at the corner of Pearl Street and Broad Street stands a building that seems to have remained untouched since the day it was built three hundred years ago: Fraunces Tavern. With a welcoming red and yellow façade and an eye-catching sign featuring the image of a Revolutionary Minuteman, the tavern’s age and …

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