The aims of this International Collaboration on Undergraduate Psychology Outcomes (ICUPO) are to:

(a) produce an international foundational psychology competence model for the undergraduate level;

(b) encourage/support adaptation of the model to local, national, and regional contexts, with the model serving as guidance only; and

(c) seek support for the model from international and national psychology and other relevant organisations, and from psychology education leaders.

Since October 2022, the ICUPO Committee (18 members from 14 nations) has, through an iterative and inclusive process, including consultation with the International Reference Group on Undergraduate Psychology Outcomes (IRGUPO; over 100 members from over 40 nations), produced the Beta Version of the International Undergraduate Foundational Psychology Competences (IUFPC) Model (https://doi.org/10.17605/OSF.IO/6Y38X).

The Model consists of 24 competence statements grouped under 2 core competence categories—Psychological Knowledge and Psychological Research Methodologies & Methods—and 5 Psychology-relevant competence categories: Values & Ethics, Cultural Responsiveness & Diversity, Critical Thinking & Problem-solving, Communication & Interpersonal Skills, and Personal & Professional Development.

A cyclic process of broad dissemination, stakeholder engagement, and revision has now been initiated.

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Since the initial iteration of the international competence model, posted as a preprint in July, 2023, we have renamed the model. It is now the International Competences for Undergraduate Psychology (ICUP). Since that time, we also elicited extensive feedback from our advisory group, the International Reference Group on Undergraduate Psychology Outcomes (IRGUPO) via survey and virtual meetings. We also garnered valuable input from numerous colleagues during presentations at conferences or universities in a number of countries. As a result, a revised version of the ICUP was shared on our OSF platform in early January, 2024: https://osf.io/6y38x/. We are in the process of a global outreach process aimed at eliciting additional input before we finalize the model in August 2024. We welcome your comments, either via email to Susan Nolan at susan.nolan@shu.edu or the Contact tab on this website. (The ICUP is the intellectual property of ICUPO.)