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Christianity On The Subway By Ben Jaros

This past Spring, the opportunity arose to take a train trip to the MET (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City) with the Seton Hall Middle Eastern North American Club (MENAC).  The trip would involve a guided tour through the Islamic/Middle Eastern sections of the museum.  Not being from the

Interview With Dr. Floyd By Bridgette Favale

Bridgette Favale: What is your academic focus and how did you come to that passion? Dr. Floyd: My area of academic work is philosophy. I think I was drawn to philosophy as a student for a few reasons. I liked the idea of getting to start from the “ground floor”

Enduring Through All Seasons By Frank Hunter

As college students at Seton Hall University, we must be mindful of our vocations and how our school can better serve us in pursuing them. Almost five hundred years ago, Robert Whittonton first called his contemporary Sir Thomas More “a man for all seasons”, thereby providing the title for Robert Bolt’s

On Work: Remarking the Unremarkable By Emma Newgarden

The time is 2:00 pm on a mid-July Saturday: the busiest point of the week for cashiers at Stop&Shop, the neighborhood supermarket where I’m working this summer. The whole store rings with the sounds of the checkout lines. Bebeep, thrrr. Bebeep, thrrrrrr. From my station at register 13, I contribute

Salutatorian Speech Class of 2019 By Anthony Tokarz

This speech was given on May 20, 2019. Delivered by the dedicated former member of the Heart of the Hall staff and Seton Hall University Class of 2019 Salutatorian, Anthony Tokarz, the speech examines how the Catholic Mission lends to Seton Hall a character which enlivens students beyond what another

Editor’s Note- Summer ’19

Welcome back, or for the Class of 2023, welcome to Seton Hall.  With Labor Day weekend in the rear-view mirror, and classes back in session, it is safe to say that summer is just about over.  While, yes, that means it is time to trade in your beach towel for