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Editor’s Note- Summer ’19

Welcome back, or for the Class of 2023, welcome to Seton Hall.  With Labor Day weekend in the rear-view mirror, and classes back in session, it is safe to say that summer is just about over.  While, yes, that means it is time to trade in your beach towel for books and backpacks, and the spare time spent daydreaming for papers, reading, and Calculus. It does not mean that we have stopped our quest trying to answer the questions that are hallmarks of the human condition: “What does it mean to be?”  “What is the best way to live?” or “Who am I?”

It is this quest to answer questions like these, and many others that drives not only this publication; but, motivates many students who come here to be immersed in the pursuit of universal knowledge.

As everything is shifting back into gear, you might be wondering: what should I make of this year?

The new year brings the hope and promise of a fresh start. It brings a hope that the semester will go well academically.  It brings a hope that it will be an exciting sports season for our athletes and fans. It brings a hope that you will get to have new adventures, and hopefully few misfortunes, with your friends, old and new.

For the freshmen, this year is an exciting time.  It is an opportunity to meet new people, define your interests, and come to a better understanding of who you are.

Seton Hall University is a wonderful and holy place.  Saints, in all but official recognition, wearing everything from collars to sneakers and jeans, have trod the ground upon which you stand.

In coming here, you have received the opportunity of a lifetime: the opportunity to receive a University education.  There is fair amount of grace in that opportunity, many in this country and certainly in this world wish they had the same opportunity to be a student that you have before you.

Considering that opportunity however, there are some individuals who find things to dislike about our campus.  If you wish to have a more meaningful and memorable experience at Seton Hall, it might be prudent to focus on the positive aspects of being here and avoid the negative.  There is a lot you might be thankful for in coming here, and you might use it as an opportunity to give thanks.

To introduce this edition, the thoughts and themes of our writers emerge tangibly from summer.  Anthony Tokarz, the Salutatorian of the Class of 2019, and “Heart of the Hall” alumnus, sent the class off with a vision of courage for the graduates as they proceeded beyond this University into the world.

Next, Emma discusses and integrates meaning into work, which many students may have struggled with in their temporary summer jobs.

Then, we discuss character, sanctity, and martyrdom as a means of inspiring courage and thanksgiving for the upcoming year.

Lastly, we interview Dr. Floyd to begin this year with his words of wisdom and focus on scholarship.

The hope of this publication is to allow the perspectives of some students to positively influence the way their peers look at life, and how they live their lives.

Saint Pope John Paul II said, “I plead with you-never, ever give up on hope, never doubt, never tire, and never become discouraged.  Be not afraid.”  May you take these words of hope to heart as you embark on a new school year and seize the opportunity that awaits you.

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