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Love is More than “U+I” by Kiley Britten

Who likes Ed Sheeran? I like Ed Sheeran. Most people like Ed Sheeran, for one reason or another. People love a songwriter with talent who seems to write lyrics that speak to their souls. People come to rely on these messages. These messages about young adulthood, of love and loss.

Friendship and Company by Ben Jaros

Sam: “Do you remember the Shire Mr. Frodo? It’ll be Spring soon. The orchards will be in blossom…And eating the first of the strawberries with cream. Do you remember the taste of strawberries?” Frodo: “Oh Sam, I can’t recall the taste of food. Nor the sound of

Sports & The Creator’s Glory by Emma NewGarden

June 3rd, 2015. This date is unlikely to hold any significance for anyone outside of the running community or the professional sports industry. But for coaches and athletes, like myself, who follow national track news, it will forever mark the downfall of the Nike Oregon Project- a world-class track program

Horror and the Power of Death by Christian Gonzalez

“I see dead people…” Thus utters the child in The Sixth Sense, the popular thriller film directed by M Night Shyamalan and starring Bruce Willis. The movie contains many aspects of “horror,” by showing flashes of dead people still displayed in the gory way that they had died. Even if you

The Eye of the Hurricane by Nate Valyo

On the morning of Saturday, October 27, a gunman opened fire inside the Tree of Life Synagogue, killing 11 Jewish men and women, for no reason other than being Jewish. Hayley, my oldest sister, happened to be at Grandevue the day of the shooting, planning a service project with high