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Digital Humanities at Seton Hall University

The Seton Hall Digital Humanities Committee defines Digital Humanities (DH) as a broad and dynamic interdisciplinary field of study. DH scholarship explores traditional areas of humanities through the application of new technologies, as well as applying traditional humanities-oriented questions to emerging technologies in society.  Digital scholarship at the university can be found within three main areas of study.


Explorations of traditional humanities-oriented areas of study that are made possible through the use of statistically grounded, computer-enabled analysis that includes text mining, spatial analysis, data visualization, etc. Research can be both theoretical and methodological in focus.


Into the creation of pedagogical tools and applications of technology to improve classroom learning, as well as studies into how emerging technologies change pedagogy. Research that both advances the use of technology in the classroom and examines and assesses the impact on learning is included.


Of traditional areas of critical theory from the social sciences and humanities to study new media and emerging technologies. Research will advance an understanding of the impact of a rapidly expanding digital culture.

“Money, Technology, and Elections”

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Digital Humanities Joint Workshop: Dec. 12, 2019, Ramapo College

The third joint workshop for Integrating Digital Humanities into Undergraduate Education was held at Ramapo College on Dec. 12, 2019. The goal of this workshop was to have faculty work alongside others doing similar projects to further develop their DH assignments....

Data Visualization Workshop

Digital Humanities: Data Visualization Workshop          A Joint Workshop for SHU & Ramapo Digital Humanities Grant Fellows. Fellows from Seton Hall and Ramapo will meet to view presentations, discuss DH affairs, and review the future of the grant and path of the...

Great Minds Learning Experience – Digital Tools for the 21st Century Student

On August 18-21, 2019 Seton Hall Digital Humanities hosted its first Digital Humanities Bootcamp: "Great Minds Learning Experience - Digital Tools for the 21st Century Student. This four day event successfully showcased to student participants: Learning how to use...

Digital Humanities Kick Off Meeting

Ramapo College, September 27

Meet faculty fellows from Seton Hall University and Ramapo College who will be working together this year. The meeting will be held on the Ramapo College campus at the Trustee’s Pavilion. For more details and registration information…


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