Christine Lhowe

Christine Lhowe

Instructor of Art & Design

Designing for Inclusion

Graphic designers are responsible for creating the majority of visual communication consumed. This includes critical information needed to live a comfortable life such as signage navigating public spaces and digital and printed educational materials. When produced mindfully, design is inclusive of all abilities and disabilities; however, groups of people are frequently excluded because of a designer’s lack of knowledge in accessible best practices.

The Faculty Fellows grant will allow Prof. Lhowe to develop a series of user-centered projects meeting universal design requirements. The projects will focus on print, environment, and web design. To identify needs and ensure usability, students will conduct interviews and work directly with people that have limitations. The interviews, process, and final projects will be archived on a website – creating a database of user-tested universal design case studies.

The website and course projects will have a broader impact by serving as a toolkit for the graphic design community–including in classrooms, design studios, in-house design teams, and independent designers. Future potential collaborations with student and faculty include game design, web design, health sciences, and education. When given the right tools, students and designers will be in a position to create a more inclusive society.