Basque Research Team Continues Conversation with Emakunde

emakundeThe Basque Research Team engaged in a conference call with Ander Bergara Sautua, the Head of Institutional Cooperation at Emakunde, the Basque Institute for Women, on December 3. Ander shared details of the ongoing annual forum, an important campaign that spans the course of three months. Since October 5, Emakunde has been collaborating with representatives from public administration, the private sector, and schools to promote and implement their many gender equality initiatives. More specific outcome documents from the forum, which last year brought together around 100 companies and 500 participants, will be released following the end of the campaign on December 18.

The forum aims to increase implementation of Emakunde’s many educational training programs. Ander described a two-sector approach to spreading the word. Within the educational sector, Emakunde trains primary and secondary school teachers on material aimed at preventing violence against women. Within the private sector, the institute works with corporations to increase gender equality within the workplace. From working to eliminate sexual harassment to drafting gender-sensitive clauses for company contracts, Emakunde’s programs seek to promote more inclusive corporations. Emakunde rewards companies that have exceptional progress through subsidies.

Meeting at Columbia University

IMG_5740On March 6th, 2015, the Advanced Consortium on Cooperation, Conflict, and Complexity (AC4) at Columbia University came together with the Agirre Lehendakaria Center (ALC) and our collaborators to host a public seminar at Columbia University. For several years, AC4, ALC, and our partners at Seton Hall University, George Washington University, and Scensei LLC have been engaged in an investigation of the Basque Case of Sustainable Human Development from different disciplinary perspectives. By conducting rigorous, innovative research, we hope to refine and expand upon lessons from the Basque experience that can provide guidance to other societies pursuing sustainable human development (SHD).

Titled “Models of Sustainable Human Development: Lessons from the Basque Case”, the seminar allowed the project team to share the latest advancements in our research on aspects of SHD, while inviting others to engage with our work as it progresses. We were pleased to welcome attendees from the Basque Country, the Columbia University community, and other organizations, who offered a variety of valuable perspectives, thoughtful questions, and new ideas.

The seminar included updates on projects as diverse as mapping and analyzing narratives of the Basque peace process (Dr. Armando Geller, Scensei LLC), applying a Lonergan economic model to the Basque economy (Dr. Paul Hoyt-O’Connor, George Washington University), empirically modeling the connection between institutional characteristics and the pursuit of SHD (Dr. Josh Fisher and Kristen Rucki, AC4, Columbia University), and building narratives of transformation in Northern Ireland (Gorka Espiau, ALC). New endeavors were shared, including the creation of the Basque Research Team at Seton Hall University (Dr. Andrea Bartoli and Dr. Borislava Manojlovic, Seton Hall University) and the Sustainable Peace Systems Mapping Initiative at Columbia University (Dr. Peter Coleman and Kyong Mazzaro, AC4). Dr. Andrea Bartoli and Dr. Borislava Manojlovic also introduced several exciting new proposals for future research.

Photos from Ander Caballero’s Visit


On Tuesday, the Office of Internships and Career Services along with the Basque Research Team hosted the visit of Ander Caballero, from the Basque Delegation to New York City. After sharing about his transition from the private sector, Ander spoke on internship possibilities at the Delegation office in New York.

Ander also met with the School’s Basque Research Team. The team shared their plans for future projects, including a study abroad seminar to the Basque Country, with Ander and received positive feedback.

Visit by Ander Caballero, Representative Delegate of the Basque Country to the United States

3-17-15 Ander CaballeroAnder Caballero is a Delegate of the Basque Country to the United States with an extensive background in international business, economics and law.

Mr. Caballero  will speak about his insights and experiences with the Basque Country Delegation and a continuing research cooperation with the School’s Basque Research Team.  He will also share first-hand information about exciting internship opportunities!  Following the formal presentation Mr. Caballero will join members of the Basque Research Team in a discussion
about their ongoing projects.

Lehendakari Ibarrexte Visits the School of Diplomacy

Left to Right: Front Row: Thomas Hill, Lehendakari Ibarrexte, Borislava Manojlovic.  Standing: Gorka Espiau, Anna Guryanova, Andrea Bartoli, Ryan Triche, Emily Green, Amaia Agirre

Left to Right: Front Row: Thomas Hill, Lehendakari Ibarrexte, Borislava Manojlovic. Standing: Gorka Espiau, Anna Guryanova, Andrea Bartoli, Ryan Triche, Emily Green, Amaia Agirre

On Wednesday, March 4th the School of Diplomacy welcomed former President of the Basque Government and Senior Fellow of the Agirre Lehendakaria Center (ALC), Juan Jose Ibarretxe and two additional Senior Fellows, Gorka Espiau and Amaia Agirre. The trio visited Seton Hall ahead of their yearly conference which was to be held at Columbia University the following Thursday and Friday. The Basque guests were greeted by Seton Hall’s Basque Research Team (BRT), led by Dean Andrea Bartoli and Dr. Borislava Manojlovic, both who are members of the ALC.

Meant as session for informal dialogue, junior members of the BRT: Emily Green, Anna Guryanova, Thomas Hill, and Ryan Triche had the opportunity to share with the ALC assemblage their particular interests in the Basque Country. The visiting ALC members greeted the BRT with enthusiasm and openness as they answered their many questions. Although their time at Seton Hall was short, they promised to follow up with members of the BRT when they came to Columbia University for Sustainable Human Development Conference.