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2021November 2021International News

Bosnia Risks Implosion Amid Serb President’s Ethnic Rhetoric

Decades-old tensions are flaring in Bosnia and Herzegovina as the leader of one of the country’s three dominant groups moves toward secession. The Balkan nation is governed by an ethnicity-based system of government featuring three presidents: one Bosniak, one Croat, and one Serb.

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Eastern EuropeDecember 2020International News2020

Montenegro and Serbia Face Diplomatic Crisis as they Expel Each Other’s Ambassadors

Montenegro and Serbia engaged in a diplomatic dispute that led each country to dismiss their ambassador from the host country. The Serbian ambassador to Montenegro, Vladimir Bozovic, had supposedly made an inappropriate comment about Montenegro’s history.

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September 2020International News2020EuropeMiddle East

Kosovo-Serbia Normalize Economic Relations and formalize ties with Israel despite EU Backlash

On September 4, 2020, Serbia and Kosovo agreed to normalize economic ties as part of U.S. brokered talks that include Belgrade moving its Israel embassy to Jerusalem and mutual recognition between Israel and Kosovo, CBS News reports.

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