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September 20232023October 2023Analysis

Western Support for Ukraine is Sustainable and Necessary

At the United Nations General Assembly this past September, Erik Mose, lead investigator for a probe into human rights violations in Ukraine, raised awareness over Russian war crimes. The state has been found responsible for “widespread attacks on civilians and infrastructure, killings, torture and rape, and other sexual violence,” reports Al Jazeera,

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September 20232023International News

Russia Looks to North Korea to Resupply its Arsenal

Vladimir Putin invited Kim Jong Un to Russia in hopes of striking a deal with the leader of North Korea to replenish its depleting weapons arsenal. This meeting has stirred fear in the West as many are concerned that it may lead to Russia giving North Korea the nuclear weapon technology it’s been lacking for the last decade due to United Nations (UN) sanctions, according to CNN.

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February 2023International NewsEurope

Western Nations Pledge Tanks to Ukraine

Tanks have played an important part in the Ukrainian conflict and continue to show their dominance on the battlefield. Russia has recently made the move to introduce their supposed cutting-edge T-14 Armata tank onto the battlefield, although intelligence reports have shown that the T-14s have been plagued with problems ever since they were introduced in 2015, reports Newsweek.

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