September 2021International News

Nigeria Faces Worst Cholera Outbreak in Years

In August, Nigeria faced a growing cholera outbreak amidst a rise in COIVD-19 cases. 69,925 suspected cholera infections have been recorded in 25 out of 36 states and 2,300 people have died as of September 5,according to Africa News. Deaths totaled 653 on August 3 and jumped to 2,323 in just over month, according to the Sept. 5 statistics.

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2021April 2021International NewsAfrica

1800 Inmates Escape Nigerian Prison Break

In the early hours of April 5, gunmen attacked the Owerri Custodial Centre in Imo State, a region in Southeast Nigeria, freeing over 1800 inmates, according to BBC News. The New York Times explains that the attack on the prison was just one of a series of attacks against several police and military facilities that have taken place since late February. 

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2021March 2021International NewsAfrica

Kidnapped Children Returned in Nigeria

Hundreds of Nigerian girls have been released after they were kidnapped from a boarding school in the northwestern region of the country, according to The Washington Post. The girls, dressed in light blue hijabs and barefoot, appear unharmed, but doctors will administer a a medical checkup before the children are returned to their parents. CNN reports that the girls were in “good condition,” but some of them had to be treated for open sores on their feet.

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2021February 2021International NewsAfricaEurope

Shell Ordered to Compensate Nigerian Farmers Over Oil Spill

A Dutch court has held the Nigerian subsidiary of the British-Dutch multinational Royal Dutch Shell liable for several oil spills in the Nigerian Niger Delta in 2006 and 2007, The New York Times reports. This case, which concludes a 13 year-long legal battle between four Nigerian farmers and the company, will likely be a catalyst for more successful environmental cases against multinational oil firms.

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October 2020Africa2020

#EndSARS Protests Continue in Nigeria

Nigeria has found it impossible to create a sense of national cohesion due to systemic abuses of power which have afflicted its citizens. Protests have erupted across the entire country recently, calling for the disbandment of the infamous Special Anti-Robbery Squad, or SARS, which many have accused of brutality against the people. The call to #EndSars is underway, and protesters are insistent on holding SARS and the Nigerian government accountable.

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