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February 2023

Biden’s State of the Union Avoided Foreign Policy for Re-Election Benefits

On February 7, U.S. President Joe Biden delivered his annual State of the Union address, celebrating domestic and bipartisan achievements as Republicans dominate the Congress House. However, due to his goal to get re-elected, he did not focus much on foreign policy.

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February 2023OpinionInternational News

Türkiye’s Response to Natural Disaster Will Determine the Nation’s Political Future

Though no country can be expected to solve such economic and environmental crises without shortcomings, strict building regulations paper did not protect those still under the rubble, and neither did taxpayer money supposedly dedicated to such infrastructure projects.

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October 2022Growing ProtestsFocus2022

FOCUS on Growing Protests: Moldova

According to Reuters, global protests aimed at rising inflation and unaffordable gas prices have reached Moldova. Euractiv reports that Russian gas companies have threatened to stop gas supplies due to alleged Moldovan nonpayment, worsening the state of the country’s struggling economy and angering political groups that criticize Moldova’s dependence on Russian energy. Protests have broken out across the country.

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