April 20242024International News

French Diplomats Arrive in Lebanon to Halt Hezbollah-Israel Clashes

Stéphane Séjourné, the Prime Minister of France, ventured to Lebanon on Sunday, increasing diplomatic efforts to prevent a war between Israel and Lebanon’s political party and militant group, Hezbollah. As escalations increased at the border of the two countries after the start of the Israel-Hamas conflict, world leaders are fearful of a full-scale war between Israel and Hezbollah.

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A Ceasefire in Gaza Would Not Bring Peace

It is obvious that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his far-right coalition government have failed to prevent unnecessary civilian casualties, and Israel must demonstrate a stronger resolve to protect innocents caught in the crossfire. However, this does not negate the immediate threat that Hamas and its affiliates, such as Palestinian Islamic Jihad, continue to pose to the security of Israelis.

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November 20232023International Response Israel-HamasFocus

FOCUS on International Response to the Israel-Hamas War: China

Through its actions thus far, China seems to have sided largely with Palestine, but it also has significant economic ties with Israel. The reason for this dichotomy, Politico claims, is a long-term play to gain favor in the Middle East and with countries searching for alternatives to U.S. partnerships, while maintaining its long-standing policy of non-interference with other countries’ internal affairs.

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International Response Israel-HamasNovember 20232023Focus

FOCUS on International Response to Israel-Hamas War: Saudi Arabia

Saudia Arabia has long held a place as arguably the most influential country in the Middle East. Yet, as the world reels from the recent conflict between Israel and Hamas, and nations such as Qatar and Egypt have rushed in with attempts to broker the release of hostages and send aid to Gaza, as NBC News reports, Saudia Arabia has been slow to react.

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