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Focus on Elections During Coronavirus: Ethiopia

2019 Nobel Peace Prize winner and Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is facing a critical moment as ethnic tensions boil. Abiy was elected in 2018 and is seen by many outsiders as a reformer seeking to lead Ethiopia away from the current system of ethnic federalism towards a more unified, secular federalist form of government. Under the constitution, Ethiopia is divided into nine ethnically-based regions that are each granted a significant amount of autonomy from the central government.

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April 2019International NewsAfrica

Students Attend Study Abroad Trip in Ethiopia

During the 2019 Spring break, fifteen diplomacy students and I had the opportunity to study abroad in Ethiopia. The trip’s parallel academic course, African Union Conflict Resolution Mechanisms, was open to both undergraduate and graduate students alike. Dr. Assefaw Bariagaber, Professor of African Studies and the Post-Conflict State Reconstruction and Sustainability Certificate Program, led the trip alongside Susan Malcolm, General-Secretary of the School of Diplomacy.

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