November 2016

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Internal Euroscepticism Threatens the EU

The European Union is often touted as the exemplar in international cooperation, but the Union is facing a number of grave threats that could ultimately tear it apart, from disputes over Ukrainian and Turkish membership to continued economic collapse in the PIGS (Portugal, Italy, Greece, and Spain) states. Yet, the greatest adversary the EU must face is an enemy from within the gates: the growing number of Eurosceptics.

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Russia Casts Shadow on U.S. Election

According to Reuters, U.S. election officials have been warned Russia may attempt to discredit this year’s election by posting false reports of voter fraud. The U.S. government formally accused Russia of cyber-attacks against the Democratic Party in early October, and it is estimated that the voter registration databases of at least 20 states were targeted, although there is no evidence to suggest the attacks were successful.

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