December 20152017International NewsAsia

U.S. Tensions Cause North Asian Superpower Synergy: Political tensions with the U.S bring North Asian superpowers closer together

The Asian superpowers, China, Japan, and South Korea, have strengthened diplomatic ties in response to the Trump administration. Japan, specifically, hopes to create a stable relationship with both superpowers by securing economic ties with China and security ties with the United States.

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December 2015International NewsEurope

Brussels Lockdown Puts Pressure On “The World’s Most Prosperous Failed State”

With Brussels being called the “hotbed” of European jihadism, more connections are being found between the city and the Paris attacks. Ali Oulkadi, a Belgian man, picked up Abdeslam after the attacks and brought him to the neighborhood of Schaerbeek, where the two of them and an unidentified individual visited a cafe.

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December 2015International NewsAmericas

Refugees Attempt to Reach US Through Central America

According to migration expert Shaina Aber, policy director for the National Advocacy Office of the Jesuit Conference of the U.S. and Canada, “There has always been a small but substantial number of ‘extraterritorial refugees’ from Africa and Asia making their way along Latin America’s established migrant trail. You can track the various refugee crises in the world by who starts showing up.”

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