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Freshman Corner: 2018 – 2019

By Ariana Keshishian
Staff Writer

Seton Hall consists of many different individuals from various places, backgrounds, and upbringings. For freshmen, college it is something new and exciting, filled with so many firsts. It can be particularly very intimidating to some; however, Seton Hall University as well as its community has tried its best to ensure that every freshmen feels welcome here on its campus.

One particular individual who has felt this embracement and comfort from of Seton Hall is freshman Joseph MacKenna.

In high school, Joseph was very involved in multiple student organizations, as he put it, “some would say too involved.” Joseph worked in multiple student organizations and worked as the officer of a political organization that assisted in encouraging younger students to become involved in the political process.

Since he has been on campus, Joseph he has immersed himself into the community by joining the Student Government Association, Mock Trial, as well as Model UN. When speaking with Joseph it is clear to see he has that he adjusted well to the environment here at Seton Hall; but how?

When asked why he choose Seton Hall rather than another university, Joseph responded with two answers: atmosphere and academics. He fell in love with the atmosphere of the campus along with its wonderful faculty. He says that it made him feel at ease, “it was the people and the faculty at the School of Diplomacy” that he truly felt he connected to.

Since coming here, Joseph has felt nothing but a sense of community. The actual experiences and skills that the School of Diplomacy and its faculty have been able to pass on and give to him, along with his peers, is unparalleled. Already within only a few weeks of arriving on campus, Joseph feels comfortable enough to approach any faculty member with any questions he may have.

Along with being in the Diplomacy program, Joseph is also in the Honors program. In regards to the curriculum, Joseph has found both the content and the conversations that stemmed from the coursework titillating.

“One late night we were discussing and debating some of the texts we’d learned,” Joseph recounted. “We got to see a side of each other we wouldn’t have otherwise.”

Joseph really believes that the program has not only helped him grow academically, but also socially. Along with making friends in the multiple clubs that he is involved in, he has also made close friends within the Honors Program through projects and class discussions. The professors also keep the class engaged and make it interesting, which is important and rare in 8 am lectures.

After a long first week of running from one class to another, Joseph he decided to use his first weekend as a way to explore the campus further and has found a perfect little space for himself by discovering the Jubilee Balcony. For Joseph, it is the best place to do homework and relax after a stressful day. “Being up there makes you forget that you’re at school for a bit,” he said.

As a freshman, you are never entirely sure of what you want to do for the rest of your life; however, you do have an idea. Joseph stated that he used to be very adamant about joining the FBI and specializing in intelligence, but after exposing himself to all the different opportunities Seton Hall has to offer, it has opened his eyes a bit as to what else there is.

As of right now, he is keeping his options open and is exploring the different options that are out there. Either way, with all the help and guidance available here on our beautiful campus, he will be sure to find something that he will make him happy for years to come.

Tom McGee

Tom is the Senior Digital Media Specialist in the Teaching, Learning and Technology Center at Seton Hall. He's the point person for anything WordPress.

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