Campus SpotlightDecember 2015

Campus Spotlight: Stephanie Powers

By Emily Green
Staff Writer

This month, we bid a fond farewell to the Diplomatic Envoy’s Opinion editor, Stephanie Powers. After over a year of dedicated work for the Envoy, Stephanie is packing up her cap and gown and pursuing her next adventure: a coveted ESL teaching position abroad.

Stephanie’s time at Seton Hall has been nothing short of an adventure. Graduating a semester early, she has spent her undergraduate career in pursuit of both scholarship and service.

As a Diplomacy and International Relations major with a minor in French, Stephanie recognized her passion for foreign cultures at an early age. She pursued that passion by enrolling in SHU’s Diplomacy program, practicing what she has preached—to “take advantage of all opportunities.”

Throughout her college career, Stephanie has sought ways to serve others.

Through her participation in Seton Hall’s chapter of Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity, Stephanie has engaged in innumerable service projects with her brothers.

Stephanie now spends two nights a week as an ESL tutor working with immigrants and refugees resettled by the Elizabeth branch of the International Rescue Committee.

On campus, Stephanie has cherished the opportunity to gain an overview of pressing social issues through her studies. Her time in the Diplomacy program led to an interest in African development, spurred especially by Dr. Naaborle Sackeyfio’s Sustainable Development course. Seeking to learn more about the subject, Stephanie spent a semester as an intern with the African Rainforest Conservatory.

As her final semester comes to a close, Stephanie has been hard at work on her senior thesis. Noticing a lack of research surrounding African sustainable development, she chose to research agriculture and food security in the African region.

Stephanie’s time with the Envoy has prepared her for both her senior thesis and bright future.

Her work with the paper has allowed her to improve her research and reporting skills, culminating in an article on global businesses’ role in the climate change agenda.

Stephanie’s position as Opinion editor has strengthened the writing skills of both herself and others as she works to polish and publish submitted pieces. Stephanie shared that she truly loves her position, as it exposes her to a diverse range of opinions on a number of pertinent topics.

After graduation, Stephanie hopes to combine her passion for scholarship and service by teaching English abroad. Certified in both TEFL and TESL (Teaching English as a Foreign and Second Language), she plans to embark next summer for a position in South Korea.

While Stephanie is interested in enrolling in graduate or law school later in life, she is excited to spend time pursuing her passion for travel and foreign cultures.

Stephanie’s time at both the Diplomatic Envoy and Seton Hall have been well-spent in pursuit of learning and helping others. Whether she was tutoring verbs to a resettled refugee or correcting a comma in a staff writer’s prose, Stephanie’s dedication for scholarship and service continues to shine through her every pursuit.

Emily Green

EMILY GREEN is a junior Diplomacy and Economics major, with a minor in French. Her interests include the maintenance of international peace and security, the humanitarian aspects of crises, and international organizations. She is currently an intern with the U.S. Mission to the United Nations, where she covers Security Council proceedings. She hopes to one day enter the Foreign Service in the political track. Contact Emily at

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