Rule of Thumb: The Biometric Boom

As a general rule of thumb, things have been getting increasingly digital. Bluetooth connections are attempting to rid the world of tangled wire messes. Cryptocurrency is attempting to replace physical money with virtual wallets. Cloud storage is attempting to replace physical data warehouses with consolidated web servers. But there is one thing in tech that aims to go the opposite way, Biometrics.

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iPhone 14 Release Plagued With Malfunctions

The regular cycle of Apple releases is upon us once more. To Apple enthusiasts, it is like Christmas morning. A new gadget to buy with the latest technology the Cupertino-based tech giant can muster. To the more pessimistic customers in the tech market, it signifies yet another superficial dog and pony show that marks another step towards gradual solutionism.

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Apple Can No Longer Force Developers to Use In-App Purchasing, Judge Rules in Epic Games Case

Friday, September 10th marks a win for consumers following the conclusion of the trial between Apple and Epic Games.

Apple is no longer allowed to prohibit developers from promoting their own, often cheaper, payment methods as an alternative to Apple’s own in app purchasing.

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Meet the AirTag: Apple’s Solution If You Have a Knack for Losing Things

The AirTag is a round, stainless steel device that can be attached to and used to keep track of a variety of items including backpacks, keys, wallets, and laptops. The device, which is equipped with Apple’s ultra-wide band U1 chip, sends out a precise signal that can be detected using the extensive Find My network.

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Apple’s (Too) Thin Macs

On April 20th, Apple had their first release event of the year as the tech giant rolled out a few new gadgets for the awaiting masses. The day was packed with big product announcements like the new iPad Pro which runs on M1 processors, smaller news like the release of the Air Tag and the revamped Apple Pencil, and positive PR changes like the pledge to become completely carbon neutral by 2030. However, everyone will be sure to agree that the main event was the new Mac design.

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