Author: Anastasia Plank


The Implication of Robotics on the Future of Business

While the business sector has long been using robotics to make production more cost-efficient and effective, the future of robotics in business will expand far beyond automation robots. There are a few central trends where robots in business will be geared towards—these trends are lowering costs, decreasing contributions to climate change, creating efficiency, developing the harmony between humans and the use of robotics, and implementing quality checking standards.

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Sparrows: The New Frontier of Recruiting

Throughout the evolution of business practices, there has been a noticeable shift in what attributes a recruiter looks for in a candidate. Instead of solely focusing on tangible skills and traits, personality had begun to play a huge role in the recruiting process. Sparrows, a start-up in Palo Alto, California, has recognized and fully embodied this shift.

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