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Brands & Retailers Aiding During the Russian War

Daibelis Acevedo
Fashion Editor

The Russian war has continued and over 500,000 people have fled Ukraine. With such uncertainty and fear in the country, some major fashion companies and retailers have stepped up to support their employees who have been impacted by this incredibly scary crisis.

This is an important thing for companies to show their employees because in times of trouble is where they are needed most. A lot of companies have used their resources to supply people with protection, food, shelter, and much more. Jewelry company Pandora donated $1 million to UNICEF’s efforts in order to provide assistance to children in Ukraine. CEO Alexander Lacik gave a statement and encouraged people to donate to UNICEF because their work is “desperately needed.”

Pictured above are people in Ukraine (Photo courtesy of Yahoo)

Furthermore, Skinny Girl brans if also pledging to help Ukraine. Founder, Bethenny Frankel donated $10 million to help out Ukrainian residents through BStrong which is the disaster relief fund that she initiated. Not only is she helping those affected by the crisis, but Frankel has also decided to focus her efforts on women and children who fled the border.

On the other hand, companies located in Ukraine like LPP have focused their efforts on protecting their employees. The Polish retail company closed all 157 stores in Ukraine, and completely canceled all developmental plans that were in progress in the country. The company decided to move its administrative offices out of Ukraine. LPP spokesperson said, “employees’ safety is our priority. The situation is extremely dynamic, so we are closely following the reports from across the eastern border and are reacting on an ongoing basis.” The company has made it clear that while their operations have shut down their main priority is to aid families and their employees during these difficult times. The company is looking to expand their assistance to anyone who may need it in Ukraine, while finding ways to partner with organizations who can reach larger populations.

Pictured above are Puma Employees (Photo courtesy of Puma)

Puma has also been a huge help to its Ukrainian employees. With a team of 380 employees located in Ukraine. They made sure that their efforts were directed toward making sure employees were safe and healthy. Puma has taken the initiative and set up housing options for their employees and offered financial assistance.

There are several additional brands that are providing their resources in these times by supplying financial aid, housing, shelter, etc. The additional help that these retailers and brands have offered is of such appreciation and admiration in the fashion industry. This is where companies get to truly show their character behind the luxury, fashion, or items that we all love so much. Proving aid when necessary is absolutely required of these companies in society, especially if operations or employees are based in the country that is being affected.


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