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Marketing, Sports & Media Networking Event

Rua Dinm

Pictured above is Bethany Hall (Photo courtesy of SHU)

In addition to the career fair, the Stillman School of Business at Seton Hall has various networking events. One of these events is the yearly Marketing, Sports & Media Networking event. So, what made this year’s hybrid Marketing, Sports & Media Networking event on November 17, 2021, led by Teresitia Walters and Jorge Rivera from the career center so unique? This year, the career fair organized an event that was hybrid. The majority of the present attendees of this event were without doubt and shock— the Marketing Department The hybrid mode engaged almost 200 students. This unique event created a balance and created the space for employees to attend in person and online. This mix opened the path to many leading companies from New York, California, DC to virtually attend from anywhere.

According to NACE – “As the job market and recruiting practices rapidly shift to online forums, university career services can and should identify ways to meet the needs of students better anytime, anywhere.” Students, Employers, and Universities still face many uncertainties and challenges to find how to best move forward with this component of the educational experience. Universities are still evaluating ways to give students the best tools to capitalize on their opportunities. Most career-related events are still online at many universities, but with the hybrid model, Seton Hall is one of the leading institutions setting the stage by demonstrating that this can be successfully implemented. As a senior soon graduate Marketing Major, I can most definitely attest that this event was a perfect amalgamate of representation of the direction of networking events and growth industries. There are many lessons to be taken from this event. My favorite was when I Jorge for tips and pointers; he encouraged me to take these networking events as an opportunity to build professional relationships by engaging with the employers and not just an opportunity to look for a job. After two academic calendar years of low attendance online events all over the campus and different universities, it was great to see Stillman students understand the value in developing and practicing their networking skills by participating in this event.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Teresitia Walters. In our conversation, she explains, “The Career Center continues to introduce innovative ways to ensure that the department is quickly pivoting with all the changes in the world to ensure that Seton Hall University students are still given access to great opportunities.” The present employers even praised the fruit of the Career Center’s hard work. The Vice

Logo photo of Kantar (Photo courtesy of kantarmedia.com)

President of Kantar, Will Jacobus, mentions, “I truly enjoyed the time spent at Seton Hall talking with your students about what Kantar does and how it can offer future career opportunities. Having members of our Kantar team who are alumni makes a huge difference in helping the students transition from academia to the workforce. It was fantastic to hear everyone’s interactions and how well what the students are learning can and does transition into what we do each day at Kantar.” From the students of Seton Hall, thank you, Teresitia Walters and Jorge Rivera, for organizing such a fantastic event!


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