A few weeks ago, from November 18- 21, members of the Student Alumni Association were in and out of the George M. Ring building every night calling as many alumni, students, and friends of the university as possible to say “Thank you!”

In the spirit of Thanksgiving the members of SAA attended to hundreds of calls each night to reach out to say thank you for not only monetary donations, but also to those who have donated their time.  Thank-a-Thon involves leaving many personalized messages but also very many conversations with alumni who usually are surprised by the subject of our calls – a simple thank you.  Personally I had the chance to speak with Helen Lerner (’76) about her contributions to my education.  Mrs. Lerner donated the Helen Lerner Amphitheater in McNulty Hall, which as physics major I have spent a ton of time in.  It was great to be able to thank her for her role in my education, and many other SAA members have similar stories to tell.

As a senior this was my last time being able to call alumni to say thank you, but I cannot wait until next year a member is calling me!  Thank-a-Thon has and always will be one of my favorite events to be able to participate in with the Student Alumni Association, it is a great experience.

Stacie Ballou ‘14