Senior Shout Out!

Kegan Healey

Kegan, alongside fellow member Elianni, celebrating the success of the True Blue for Students program.

Our next senior shout out goes to Kegan Healey! Kegan joined SAA in 2014, in the spring of his freshman year. He is majoring in Sports Management and Marketing, and after graduation he will continue to search for a job within either the sports industry or at a law firm. Kegan’s best memory of SAA was attending CASE ASAP last year and being able to present on True Blue to different alumni organizations around the U.S. and Canada.

Thank you for your dedication to the organization Kegan!


Drew, featured alongside fellow SAA member Charlie, attending a True Blue event.

Drew Cameron

Our next senior shout out goes to Drew Cameron! Drew is currently a Team Leader in SAA, and he joined in the spring of his sophomore year. His best memory of the organization was getting the opportunity to attend CASE ASAP in Atlanta, Georgia where he got to eat some really awesome food. He will be getting his degree in diplomacy and international relations, with minors in French, business law, and economics. After graduation, Drew plans on attending law school.

Thank you for all you’ve done for the organization Drew!


Elianni De La Cruz

Elianni, pictured above, attending an alumni event with SAA.

This week’s senior shout out goes to Elianni De La Cruz. Elianni will be graduating in May with a degree in economics, and after she graduates, she plans on attending law school. She joined SAA in the spring of 2015. Elianni’s best memory of being a member of SAA is the first volunteer recognition dinner that she attended.

Thank you so much for being a member of SAA Elianni!





Kevin Lagarenne

Kevin, attending our annual Fall Retreat.

Our next shout out goes to Kevin Lagarenne! Kevin previously served as a Team Leader for the organization, after joining in 2015. After graduation, his goals include paying off his loans and going to rock concerts. In May, he will be graduating with a degree in accounting. Relaxing at our annual fall retreat and laughing the night away are Kevin’s best memories of being a member of SAA.

We thank you for your hard work and dedication Kevin!






Laurel Murray

Laurel, pictured above, cheering on SHU at a basketball game.

This week’s SAA Senior Shout Out goes to Laurel Murray. Laurel joined SAA in 2014, and in May, she will graduate with a degree in broadcasting and television production. Besides SAA, Laurel is also a cheerleader here at The Hall. After graduation, Laurel will be returning to Seton Hall to pursue graduate work in Strategic Communications. Her best memory of SAA was laughing alongside our advisor, Daniela.

Thank you so much for being a member of SAA Laurel! Go Pirates!



Walker Mondt – Vice President

Walker, pictured above, attending an event hosted by Alumni Relations this year.

For our first SAA shout out, we would like to acknowledge this year’s Vice President, Walker Mondt. Walker has been a member of SAA since the end of his freshman year in 2015. He plans to graduate a year early this May with a degree in economics. Following graduation, Walker will be attending law school at St. Louis University. His favorite memory from the organization has been working with amazing people and making great friendships. Walker also went on a trip to D.C. with SAA that he remembers as a highlight of his experience.

Thank you for your dedication to the organization Walker, and best of luck next year at law school! We are proud of you. Go Pirates!